mercredi, janvier 14, 2004

My worst two days�

Perhaps I would want to add another day for that. UM has the shittiest online registration system in Malaysia! I am facing a possibility of losing a subject for this semester. Stupid admin and stupid system! They just don�t go together with the acclaimed identity as being �the cream of the crop� university in Malaysia. (does UM still at the top position?). Now who the hell is the bloody programmer? Bodo ke hape? You are paid to create the system that can automatically determine the validity of the entered data as well as to decrease the workload of the S.L.O.W and inefficient staff! Bukannya to create a system which burdens and traumatizes us in return! BODOOOOO!!! And for that reason, I have to make a trip to SKR and try to appeal in order to continue with the present credit hour. FUCK!

Imagine this. You registered for the subjects you wish to take for that semester. Turned out that you were not entitled for extra credit hours but somehow, the system didn�t do anything about it, even when the database has been updated. You went to the office to get a clearer explanation of the system; whether it would automatically drop any subject before the deadline for verification and at the same time, going in and out of your account every single day to check for any changes. Nothing seemed to change even at the day you confirmed the subjects. So, you happily attended all the classes you�ve registered till one day, 3 weeks before your final exams, you saw a huge notice, with your name on it, telling you that you should drop any subject or there will be no exam slip for you. What would your reaction be at the registration office?

A) Sigh upon seeing that and just let them drop a subject. Redha aje�
B) Go all furious at that particular staff and swear that you will get your credit hour no matter what.
C) Take a deep breath and try not to create a scene, try to talk things through and leave with a smug face when your application is being rejected� or�
D) Try to negotiate with manners. When that fails, give it a second shot and carry on with the negotiation. If she won�t budge, get ready to turn into a big time bitch and proceed with (B).

To make matters worse, I had to spend the fucking 45 minutes just to get the hell out of the main entrance. TRAFFIC JAM IN UM!!! FUCKING 45 MINUTES!!! And my plan of hitting Telawi for a cup of coffee to cool me down went straight into the gutter. (Don�t ask me about the way I drove. Lets just be thankful that everyone arrived home in one piece�)

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