mercredi, janvier 21, 2004

I�m infected with the �Malas Nak Update� virus�

Phew! First day of my being the �woman of the house�. It�s just 11.22 pm and my eyes are already half shut. I guess I need to continue with my B Complex supplement. No wonder mom is always asleep by 10 pm. This is going to be my routine for the next 36 days.

Woke up at 6.15 am to prepare breakfast for my younger sister who goes to school at 7.15 am. Thousand cartons of Blessings to the frozen nuggets, cornflakes and the rest of the instant foods. Preparing breakfast will never be the same� Done with the first part. Time to proceed with dad�s regular early morning fix of coffee and a small portion of breakfast.

When he�s back into his room, I continued my work by sweeping the floor and cleaning the kitchen before hitting the bed again. And that was somewhere around 8.30 am. I add a new chore: laundry days on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I prefer to organize when it comes to executing big, continuous jobs. But when it involves petty stuffs, I prefer to let them go with the flo� ;) (hint: assignments, especially group assignments and� revision. *children, don�t practice this with yours�*)

The alarm went off at 12 pm. Good job� good job� Time to recall the stuffs I need to do today. Pick Mak Adek�s kebaya from the launderette, sms Diyana to reconfirm our date and be back by 4 am to avoid the jam and to do some groceries shopping for today�s dinner.

It was pouring the time we got out of the office. Running to the car wasn�t the best solution, so both of us decided to hit the caf� for refreshment. I�ve come to the conclusion that she�s not that �bad� at all. Kinda talkative but not to the extend of being Polly. Oh well, we used to have the similar first impression towards each other which is of course, untrue. (Me, the sombong girl and she, the other sombong girl�). We were sitting at a place, isolated from the others when the guy whom I had (and still have) my eyes on arrived and chose a place a table apart from us. Whoops~ Should I put on my Cheshire-Cat grin or buat derk? Since our conversation was something far more interesting than trying to kill a few butterflies in my gut, he was at the least of my attention. We left the place at 4 something when I clearly heard a �Bye� from one of the guys. Huk la� Sempat lagi tuh! Boys� will always be boys� tsk tsk tsk�*geleng kepala*

Pleased to know that dad was happy with the menu today. Well, at this time around, any complaint won�t be entertained. Geddit?

*Sial btol! Sape bahalol yang main mercun bom pepagi buta ni?*

I am totally beat and this is only my very first day taking over my mom�s role as a housewife. Can�t imagine when my time eventually comes� the husband, the children, the office�phew~ I want to be a Wonder Woman�

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