jeudi, janvier 22, 2004

Dear Diary� heh!

Like usual, I had my regular blog visiting session when a post from G caught my attention: Diary. Interesting�

I own only 2 diaries� so far (and I guess the number will remain the same till�forever?) The first one was written during the period of my secondary years and a little bit of my matriculation era in 2000. The latest is the continuation of it till the year of 2004, which is� now. (hurh?)

Reading from the first page to the final one made me realize of how na�ve I was back then, and not to mention stupid (in a hilarious way lah). I jotted down about crushes I had with A, B, C and D, my despair and experiences, bla bla bla� and funny though as they mostly revolved around the subject about guys. Being in the school with Chinese as the majority, I was left with very limited options in hand. (Not that I despise Chinese guys, [trust me, it�d be cool if I have one as my bf] it�s just that they, altogether with most of the Malays available at that time were not my type at all).

So, the first book was merely about silly stuffs, but as it entered Y2K, things got more juicier. Shee hee hee�

I accepted the offer to KMM (Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka) and that�s the drastic change I faced, which shaped me to be what I am today. And like usual, the contents were mostly about, ehem, guys. There was once when I mistakenly mixed up 2 anonymous notes for two guys- note A to guy B and vice versa. I only realized about that when one of them returned the envelope to me. Hell that was damn embarrassing! To end the embarrassment, I asked for the other note from the other guy, which to my horror, pasted the damn note on his wall!!! And I stopped sending notes to them after that stupid incident. I screwed myself up!

Apparently, I don�t find it �exhilarating� enough to actually sit down and record every interesting stuff I encounter, once I entered Uni. After all, you write when you feel like one. That�s the way it�s supposed to be�to grab the pen when the urge is there. Well, that�s what I�ve been doing for the past err� 5 years. (2 diaries� 5 years�aaah�). Being Internet-savvy, I shifted to a place where I can share my daily life with both strangers and non-strangers, as well as the flexibility of changing the way the page looks with added features: Blog. Been involved for almost 10 months now. Thanks a heap to G. (ko la yang rekomen akuk buat blog ni at first dan seterusnye meletakkan akuk dalam situasi yang akuk totally tak expect� heh!).

The diaries are now safe in my possession� with enhanced security element. My last post was a few weeks back, exactly one year after the last entry��.

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