mercredi, décembre 10, 2003

Out of the soundbox: My Immortal.
Time: Somewhere after 8 pm.


Sometimes I wonder�

People we hate, people we loath. No running away from that. I couldn�t help myself but talking; or in other word, �kutuk�ing about this particular God�s creation. I may be very harsh at times but it only depends on situation. I have a few humans in my life whom I can consider exasperating but this one particular human was one of the topics I shared with Is over breakfast at Mc D Telawi earlier today.

It made me think� �No wonder you hate this fella��. I like to observe people, especially those who are close with me, studying their �psychological patterns�. I�ve done my homework on this specimen, and in fact, still continuing. Somehow, the initial result is not that promising. I compare my results with people who used to (and still) be in the specimen�s life circle. We exchanged �ideas� and all the time I tried not to put the blame to that fella. I told myself, �She�s born with it. Yeah, she�s a jerk no doubt but don�t let your stupid action ruin your existing connection with her. You�re going to face her everyday. Better leave her alone and take advantage of what you�re having now.�� me and my evil mind.

Truth is, I don�t even have a single trace of �guiltiness�, IF I�ve decided to ruin everything. Indeed, it�ll only take me less than 5 minutes to spoil everything�..; which throws me back to reality. I don�t want to create another uncomfortable zone. Brownie points for me.

���. *

What�s wrong with her? (owh, NOW I�m starting to mention the gender.). She is so NAUSEATING! The intonation, the attitude, the EVERYTHING� Thank God she�s not close to me. It makes me think again; does she do all this to fit in? To be cool? To be considered as �one of us�? Or perhaps of �insecurity�? We prefer you to be the way you are. It adds more colors. We certainly don�t want another US.

I came across a few articles about people (especially girls) who are willing to be what they are not. Again, of self conscious? Herm� let me just have a brake till here. I�m not going to write a thesis on this one! Hey! This got me thinking. I should take psychology! Seriously I should. This is what I�m good at. *grins*

���� *

I�ll try not to kutuk anyone� UNLESS if I really can�t contain the dissatisfaction (and once I start, it�s going to be all out!). Besides, I prefer keeping my thoughts to myself, and carry on with my �study�. Worst I will do is to totally ignore that human� (as in TOTALLY IGNORE�?)



I bought the Mc D teddy bear! IT IS DAMN CUTE! It�s kinda weird though as I�m not a fan of stuffed toys. The only one I have in my possession is the stuffed brown puppy which Rosie gave me for my birthday. I place it on my squared table lamp beside my bed. Used to have the WWF (not the wrestling federation okay!) polar bear but I think I�ve thrown it away. Not cuddle able lah! About this new bear, it�s one of the six series of bears Mc D offers. Mine is �Hip Hop Bear�, which has the longest brown fur among all the bears. Siap ade back pack lagi where I put my house key. ;) Wish I have a digicam to get a snapshot of it so that I can post it here.


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