jeudi, décembre 04, 2003

I giggled in my sleep!

Class at 8 am. I immediately remembered that I had agreed to meet Sham for coffee at 1 pm. Thank God I didn�t decide to cancel off the meeting. (me and my fickle mind� is always unpredictable)

I was thinking of dropping by to Anim�s room to golek golek before heading off to Mid Valley. It was 10.30 am when I reached there. Nice. Enough time to catch some sleep. Sham sms me while I was in the middle of my nap, changing the time to 2 pm. No hal. That means I could have more hour to doze. Sha was in the room as well, sleeping at Yai�s bed.

I dreamt� of something which I couldn�t quite recall. It has something to do with Ida. Something very funny happened to her that made me laughed like mad inside the dream. And I realized that I giggled in my sleep too! Thank God that Sha was fast asleep. That was something� I don�t actually talk in my sleep (mengigau). I either cry or laugh. There was once when I dreamt of something terribly sad when I felt tears streaming down my cheek and I heard myself sobbing. I continued crying to sleep anyways.

I am tired and I desperately need to sleep. (I should take some supplements�). Class at 3 to 5 pm but I want to continue with my karate practice again. (That�s the only way to keep myself fit as I�m not that discipline to set my own workout schedule.)

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