mardi, novembre 04, 2003

Part One

I cried over a drama� so what?

My� that was hell of a drama. In fact, I�m still sobbing. Those who watched Menghitung Hari on TV2 will know how touching it was. It�s about a mother of three who was being diagnosed with uterus cancer. I missed the first quarter as I was planning to watch the stupid Batman. Kathy Ibrahim as the leading role and the way she played the part was really natural. After getting divorced she returned to Malaysia and raised her children all by her own. Days passed till she discovered the illness she�s suffering. She refused to seek any treatment and just waited for the cancer to eat her up. She finally called her ex-husband who was in London and later informed him about her condition. So, they�ve decided to get married again and he then spent his time accompanying his dying wife. Somehow, there was a slight problem�their eldest daughter. She hated her father as she was the one who saw his father cheating on her mom. Well, the mother died eventually and when they arrived home from the grave, she came to realize that her dad missed her mom as much as she did and she also realized that all of them need each other to cope with the lost.

That�s the brief synopsis of it. Damn, that was touching� I really admit that one. *sobbing*

End of Part One

Part Two

BAN 7-E TAMING JAYA! I�m serious! Okay, I went out for instant food hunt. Won�t take long to know where I was about to go�7-Eleven. The time was around 10.30 pm when I entered the store. Well, no other customer when I arrived. That means, I was going to be the only customer (a girl), accompanied by 2 cashiers (guys). What I expected, happened. There I was, going for the regular Big Gulp when I discovered that there was NO matching lid for that cup. So, I asked for the matching cover from one of the assistants and like I suspected, NO MATCHING LID. Okay, I transferred the drink into the largest BIG GULP container and dived for the lid. WHAT THA HELL?!! SAME THING HAPPENED! Tell me something, if the lids DISPLAYED were not for both sizes, then what were they doing there? Untuk suka suka? Fuck! My piss-o-meter was still below level one till the �SMART�-mouthed cashier started to give �cute remarks�. Okay, maybe I got a little bit carried away but this has happened a few times before! I faced the same problem 2 weeks back and last week, when my sister bought home the Big Gulp, topped with a Slurpee lid! What�s with this? They should have the adequate supply! I then told him to inform about this matter to the boss. I guess he was still cool about it right when I was at the counter when I replied �Abang patut bagitau dekat boss pasal bende ni. Bende ni dah 2 3 kali dah.� My intonation was a little bit high but it seriously, intonasi akuk ni tak dikira marah lagi. Still sipi sipi.

Him: Jangan lah marah dik. Memang la, customer memang slalu betul (sapa suruh create slogan �customer is always right�?) tapi macam mana nak buat kalau dah takde supply.
Me: Whatever.. *piss-o-meter was still under control*
Him: Yang marah marah ni kenape?
Me: Sape suruh abang layan saye? *I am annoyed but not MAD� not just yet, pahaaam? And one more thing, I detest people who try to get cute on me.*
Him: *was getting mad, replied something which I didn�t even give a fuck to listen.*

I shoved him 10 bucks and was clearly pissed with my respond. He loudly pressed the buttons of the machine and returned the balance with contained anger. SCREW YOU!! I left the counter with a very very rotten mood. I swear not to go to that place again! Or at least when he�s around as I know what�s going to happen if we are face to face with each other again.

Analysis: Maybe I was annoying but the situation can be avoided if he just kept his damn mouth shut. What was he thinking for goodness sake?? That I am a girl, and a girl will usually go all sengih sengih and get annoyed in a cute way when being kacau- kacau by a bunch of guys? Hell NO! Sori la brader, I AM NOT THAT TYPE. Maybe I should be senyap and buat dono dari start anything that can heat up the situation, �coz someone might just get irritated. Kay! You shouldn�t do that thing just now! See! Ape dah jadi skarang? Tsk Tsk Tsk!

So, tell me, who to blame? Me or that guy?

End of Part Two

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