mercredi, novembre 26, 2003

i'm like a crypt keeper and feeling like a bag of semi-solid shit...

this is when the blog comes in very handy. and this is when you will see me having multiple posts in a day. i feel like wanting to get my life back. I WANT MY PREVIOUS LIFE BACK! this is the continuation of my last post. i need something to get me preoccupied. ANYTHING! even if it means having to listen to lame jokes for one hour straight! i guess this is what a tired brain and body will do to you. the favorite victim? my screwed-up mind.

dad's having some guests for lunch. i invited my 'long lost' classmates to join in. since im not into any mood of throwing a major lunch-tea time session with my FRIENDS, i take the chance to invite my partners in crime. yoong has confirmed his attendance, same goes to shook yee. alvin is yet to confirm and chee meng too. sara n yogi are like usual, MIA. i can bet that those two creatures don't even give a damn to keep in touch with the rest of us. *making expressions of disgust*

hell im beat! anuar zain is sweet. can i have him as my guy? dreaming is a wonderful thing to do... having a guy? im confused. totally confused. that particular feeling is like a flip flop gate. it can be an AND or OR or a NOR or an XOR or ANYTHING!! see what i mean!?? GOD I NEED SOMETHING TO DISTRACT ME! slap me please...

lets see what's the plan we have for weekend... invitations from mak adek and aunt bib...or issit aunt mid? hell i dont give a shit. hope i'll recover by the end of the week. im looking forward to meeting sham for coffee. (after a few unsuccessful plans). we are already being assigned for an assignment (duh!) and i am the Network Manager! Alif is the Network Engineer (Logical), Is is at the Physical side while Jehan is the Security Engineer. Browse briefly at the draft and geez, it does look complicated. Never tell anyone but i'm having Alif and Is as group members for another 2 subjects, which is what i dont actually prefer. not that i hate them, just that i want somebody else, those whom i havent chatted with yet. but then again, i can bet that NO ONE will voluntarily pick me as their group member. (like i care!)

it's already wednesday, second day of syawal. the day will make way to thursday and will continue till you wont realize that the month is about to end. how time flies. i dont wish for it to happen so quickly as i still think that i 'm still not satisfy with what im doing and enjoying up to this moment. im 21 and another year before hitting the working phase but i think i'm still 18, trapped in the body of a skinny, 21 year-old, emotionally unstable a fish in a larger-than-life tank...metaphorically speaking............... physically... what tha.....!

and again, enetation is getting insane each and every passing day. my eyes are heavy and i dont think a nice slap will fix it.

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