jeudi, octobre 23, 2003

(this is supposed to be yesterday's post but due to the "blogger-madness-syndrom" i couldnt have it on till today!)

A heartbreaking life of a student part I

I�m excruciatingly bored! B.O.R.E.D!

*thinking of classes�nice������...but wait a minute! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! DON�T WANT TO GET BACK TO SCHOOL!!! Will do IF AND ONLY IF they leave the results out.*

It�s been 11 days since the end of semester break started and I�m already complaining on day one. I should jump in joy instead of frowning but no, I didn�t. Nak buat ape? I have no garden for gardening, no books to read (yet) and no homework to do (duh!). I will wake up at 11 am, and get back to sleep after a few blinks and start my day at 1 pm. What a terrible routine. Never am a morning person though I love that part of day, where the air smells nice, the temperature is chill� *snap snap* With a life like this, I�ll die of boredom. Going out? I�d be damn lazy to get my butt outta the house once I�m stuck inside. Herm, must be some spell mom casts on me�

Here are some plans for� Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesday? Oh yeah�.the day the new car arrives� and the day for a trip to the mall (shopping fellas! Shopping!! Naw� am not in the mood. Just there to help.). Thursday? Coffee @ Telawi. Am waiting for the confirmation from Wantak. Hope he can make it. *fingers crossed*. Friday? Oh well, it�s Deepavali of course! Open houses? Am unsure of that. Saturday� drive Atuk�s car from Sg. Long and hand it over to Ah Fook to be repainted.

*itch itch itch*

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