dimanche, septembre 07, 2003


what am i doing at this freaking hour? it is because... I C.A.N.T S.L.E.E.P! i dont even know whether i was actually sleeping during the previous hours. went downstairs to get myself a drink and surprized to see my sister on the couch. she couldnt sleep either. geez... me and my 2 other sisters along with dad went out to makan and i was like yawning all the time. fed myself, hoping that the full stomach would quicken my sleep. (perut penuh+golek golek atas katil= lagi cepat tido). buang karen! i was actually asleep ONE HOUR after golek golek! was that because of the supa dupa hot kerabu mangga? maybe kot... as i still feel that my stomach is trying its best to digest whichever there without providing me continuous trips to the loo. congratulations...and celebration...

what am i gonna do after this? probably trying to give myself another shot. golek golek and hopefully to catch another sleep. hafta wake up at 8.45 as my aunt will come at 9. (given 15 mins and ill be all set... right on time!)


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