lundi, septembre 08, 2003

i love today despite of the dreadful night i had. still didnt manage to get a proper sleep. set the alarm at 8.45 but mom did her job on that at 8.30. wasnt complaining as i was kinda 'fresh'. (trust me... the night WAS bad).

headed straight to the bathroom but was struggling hard to focus. my mind was fresh but my eyes needed some adjustment after a long hour of 'rest'. thank god the water wasnt that cold...

*still focusing...*

my aunt and uncle arrived around 9.15 am. yay, we're going for a 'field trip' to putrajaya~

everybody gathered at dataran putra and that was the first place we surveyed. didnt pay that much attention tho (echeewah!) as i always lepak there with Nor. so basically, Souq (is that the exact spelling?) is a place that im familiar with and the food court as well. we had our breakfast there and dad is surely going to bring up the 'iced tea' stuff from now on. "RM4.95 for the iced tea which is tasteless?". errr...? we're talking about san francisco coffee here la ayah~

it was almost 11 when we hit the botanical garden. not a bad place. will go there one day....satu hari nanti....

mr khalil, our tourist guide, (*wink*) showed us around putrajaya... okay, it's indeed a nice place to live... the landscape is beautiful. just perfect for my future neighborhood!

ayah lead the way right after the quick stop at the botanical garden. kami merapu sampai ke dengkil dan ended up buying plants! that's one thing i like, going out with my dear dad. he likes to survey places and makes a sudden stop at anywhere he wishes. but too bad as his trip always clashes with my sleeping hour (i.e morning). so mostly i wont realize about it till the time i go downstairs and find something new.

lalalalala.....mata dah separa kuyu by afternoon. okay, i hit the bed sumwhere around 3.15 pm. giler! it was a restless sleep as well! darn! a phone call finally put an end to the sufferring. now im all awake.

night time: the car wont start. again, the batt buat hal. dad asked me to call the AAM and get it replaced. afterall, its about time for me to get a new batt which costs me 89 bucks. (i wasnt the one who coughed out the cash yah~). i returned boy's call after the interrupted by the AAM fellas. we've decided to meet tomorrow. both of us certainly have a lot of stuff to talk about. *sigh* dont think that im gonna go home before the 6pm class.

oh yeah! owh yeah!!! im yawning like hell now. my eyes feel heavy and what does that mean????? THE SLEEP THAT RELLY NEED! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! *kluk*

(p/s: thanx a lot to mr khalil for the sight seeing session~)

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