jeudi, septembre 18, 2003

aaah...a day without doing nothing. merely lepaking around the house, had tea with dad and my younger sis at our regular lepak place. a total bliss but somehow there's still a lil guilt as i should've been inside the library or at least having some notes to memorize instead of going la la la all day long. it is so very positive that i CAN'T study inside the house ESPECIALLY my room. the bed is sooooo alluring! it's like "come...come to me my child... feel the smoothness of my surface...let your body experience the total pleasure... come....coooomeeeeeeeeee.....". and of course i, in the end, have to admit defeat. should i 'ulang dekor' my room? malas la pulak... im gonna let the guilt seep away at the moment as i'm going to make up the kemalasan with a day at the library tomorrow. Lia's going to join me as well. we're about to update ourselves with the latest and how are we going to content the excitement and the shrieks when we're INSIDE the hush-hush area? err, to be planned later.

if i don't calm down and go all worried and stressed out with the exams thingy, the pimples will have another batch ready. oh god please... i already have all the troubles i need and to overcome this, i now have to follow the get-the-damn-zits-off-your-face regimes which is what i hate. (i don't like to follow the step-by-step facial care like others do... i'll end up skipping one or follow none later on.)

literature class tomorrow. NOOOOO!!! i don't want to be reminded of the essay!!! shit ass!

zalee sms me a couple of nights ago and i just replied it this afternoon.... after he sent the second message saying that i'm sombong. KER-AAAPS! he's being directed by the doc to quit smoking. hell i care but i do admit that he is a heavy smoker by looking at the last time we met. he lighted his ciggies non stop, one after another. oh yeah, he also told me that he's having cigar once a week to replace all his 40(2 boxes of 20's) x 7(days a week) amount of cigarrets. whatever lah... hope my future husband won't be a smoker. or at least the one that looks like someone who's working in the Marlboro factory...erm...ok la...let it be more stylish lar...say... Davidoff. *uhuk uhuk*

malas...malas...kemalasan melanda diri dan bile kemalasan melanda diri pabila exam nak dekat, ini maknanya sangat lethal to pointer peksa dan seterusnya akan menerukkan print out transcript dan seterusnya menyukarkan masa mencari perkerjaan... bad....very baaad.... *tsk tsk tsk* can't afford that for sure...


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