mardi, août 12, 2003

Oh yeah..ooooowh yeaaaaah.... the second post comin' in...

I'm bored! Hell yeah I am. Then why do you think I'm having another post for today if I have better things to do?

Iskandar cancelled the gath that was supposed to be held this coming Wednesday. What do you expect the plan made by guys? Not committed...not serious..tak ambik pusing langsung! Tho this gath doesn't have any significant effect on me, I still hate the unserious attitude. And that really makes me sick! And now, I'm begging Syah to take over to being the 'organizer'. He's good at it. What? Me? Na-ah. I'll just let somebody else to do it. Herm...why do I have no mood to hang out? Me and my mentally unstable mind... I even say no when my sis begged me to bring her to The Mines after school.


"Ala...jom la...jom la..."


"Ala...jom la kite pegi...jom la... jom la...."


"Jom la kite pegi... ala...ala... jom la...Ok, orang belanja kamu"


.....and the conversation continued with the same reply but using synonymous words....

I still owe Sham a day out. He did ask me when but I kept on postponing. Need to have the mood. Another unstable side of kAy...

Gerai Konvo has started. And for that, every single cafe in the faculties is closed so that the people in Gerai Konvo can make some cash. Ye la... bile cafe dah tutup, tempat makan= TAKDA. The only way to feed your stomach is to get something from there. Decided to pay the site a visit, hoping to get something edible, as I haven't had anything since I woke up... and it was 3.30 by the time I reached there. Owh no... a very bad timing. Dark clouds were spreading all over the sky. Just pray that I'd have plenty of time to grab anything. My tummy was making a demonstration, pleading to be fed... What did I manage to buy? A 2 bucks worth of rojak buah! Expensive like hell! CEKIK DARAH! By looking at the small Polystyrene container, you just wouldn't expect that THAT amount of rojak buah will cost you that much! Nasib baik sedap.... But still..................................!

Double A will receive his scroll this week on Saturday. Remind me to congratulate him.... Owh, Payung as well! This Thursday in fact. Gonna miss him and his white, MAM 5680, spick-and-span Kancil...*sigh*

It's Luqman's birthday today. Owh, today's 11th? Okay.... My sis called him and both of us sang the birthday song with our heart out over the receiver till dad shouted at us, asking us to cut it out as he was talking to his colleague as well. Oh well... ;) He's gonna come over this Saturday! Yay!..... How old is he again? 3? 4?

Agenda for tomorrow: No class. Am thinking of going to Karate training but I still couldn't make up my mind. There you go again kAy!

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