mercredi, août 13, 2003

10 things kAy hates about guys:

1. A total dickhead.

2. Egotistic. I know�I know you all are born with it but sometimes you ought to tone it down. It�s a turn-off thing!

3. Can�t get enough of anything they possess. Hazardous when it comes to having girlfriend. 1? NOT ENUFF LA! 2? THEE HEE HEE� 3? YEAH BEBEH!

4. Sweet talker. Good if they really mean it but beware. Mungkin ade udang di sebalik laksa Joho� One of their best assets that can cause certain girls to melt!

5. Can be over-jealous. Errgh!

6. Some are too mushy until it�s suffocating. Moderate la guys�MODERATE is enough.

7. Dress shabbily. Selipar toilet and 3 weeks old of unwashed pants? Take grooming classes please!!! And one more thing! I HATE GUYS IN KASUT KETUPAT!!! Yuck! Yuck! And another YUCK!

8. Cigarette-smell + masam stench. God, please save my soul! I used to have that category of guy sitting beside me for one whole hour and god! I�d puke if the lecturer decided to extend the class for another 5 minutes�

9. Childish at a time. Well, studies show that they tend to get matured a little bit later than girls. Oh well, okay! Forgiven! Even so, buruk la guys act childishly!

10. Despite their asshole attitudes, I still get attracted to them!!

Like Rasyad a.k.a Jebat�s IRC Full Name/Description: �Don�t just be a man� be a BETTER MAN�. He�s right on that! ;)

Whatever it is� I STILL LOVE GUYS! Thee hee hee� ehem..*wink*

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