mardi, août 19, 2003

Love today!

Woke up light-headed. Carried on continuously till my Literature class. At that moment I was just hoping that somebody could just whack my head. Relax, relax, it would wear off by the time you reach Mid Valley. There�s a get-together at 2.30 pm.

The class ended an hour earlier than planned. Great! I�d have plenty of time to drive to BSC and collect the tickets and fetch Wantak right after.

Wantak called when I was on the way to BSC, saying that he�d go straight to MV with his girlfriend and sister for lunch. Good. At least I didn�t have to set the spot on where to pick them up. (am not that familiar with the neighborhood. I�d probably end up asking him to wait somewhere further.)

Like usual, I was the earliest to arrive. Grab my lunch at Deli France while waiting for their call. 2.30 sharp; headed straight to Coffee Bean. Affa and Iskandar appeared a few minutes later. Aah�my dear Affa� my �boyfriend� in #eis-rael. ;) Been quite a while since we met. As for Iskandar, he has put on some weight since the last KLCC gathering. Izhar arrived approximately the same time with both of them.

Like usual, we updated each other with the latest stories. Affa has a new girl who is in the same age as I am. The relationship is 3 weeks old now. Hope this one will stick for long. Is already broke off with his girl and now a lone ranger� Okay Is, lets get married! A tragic ends as the girl�s parents don�t actually like him. Don�t worry Is, I�m sure you�ll get the replacement soon. *wink*. Well, he did look depress though, considering the fact that both of them had been together for 4 years. Sian dia�

Wantak and his girl joined us later. Aaah� so this is the girl he mentioned before. She was quiet at first but as she observed us, the shyness was then disappeared. What can I say; we are a bunch of nice people. Hell we are! About Wantak, he has been with his girl for 2 months now. Not a bad one lar. Happy for him. Better than having someone who treated you like shit. Both of them deserve each other, as he�s a nice person as well.

Fee entered the group after that. Aaah� so this is the Fifi. The best thing is that he used to be my senior in primary school. Geez! It�s a small world indeed! Budak kelas Budi. I couldn�t recall him though as I hardly know or communicate with seniors during that time. Again�dunia ni kecik betul!

Izhar was quiet all the time. More like an observer than a talker. Mainly because he doesn�t actually know each of us that close as we do. There you go. Meet the otai-otai of Hartamas Dalnet and Eis-rael webnet. ;)

So, basically there were only 7 of us. Neo and Raj couldn�t make it as their houses are quite far from MidValley. Syah and Rita, as well as Haikal and Yazam were yet to arrive.

It was really a great time. We are like tight and shit, crazy, mad, loud and everything that associates with it. Too bad Nel couldn�t make it, as she�s thousands of miles apart. (Melbourne!).

The best part that I enjoyed? It was when they all sang me the birthday song. Riuh satu Coffee Bean. Hehehe�besh! Too bad though as the manager didn�t come out and shove me with a free drink. ;) The cake? No cake. Muffin was the cake. Candles? Lighters were the replacement. Hehehe� Thank you a lot guys. Really mean it! That was cool. Love yah! Muacks!

So basically those who showed up were me, Affa, Is, Izhar, Fee, Wantak and girlfriend (ala�what�s her name again?), Syah and Rita, and finally Acid �Haikal� and Mojo �Yazam�. Acid has transformed into a grunge typo dude while Yazam is still the baseball-cap, jearsy-short guy.

Affa, Is and Syah left earlier. Nak lepak kat Syed pulak lepas tu. Syah was probably going to hang out with a few chicks so both of �em were checking those girls out. Nak hiburkan Is la kononnyer�Heh, boys�will always be boys�

As for me? Straight home, hoping to beat the traffic and arrive home on time. New assignment to complete by September 19: a 2k-to-3k words of essay. Can I reach that amount of words? Yes if I goreng! ;) Heh! Based on the WordCount, I only have 757 words right until this fullstop. Macam mana nak tulis 2000 to 3000 amount of words? Pergh! Oh yeah, not forgetting the warning given�NO PLAGIARISM! Hadoih! Not a big deal though as I�m a girl with thousands opinions. (pooorah!) By the time habis tulis, kot-kot dah exceeded 3k!

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