jeudi, août 07, 2003

I can't sleep!! What happened to the yawning just now? Only a mere 10 minutes nap and that's about it. I laid motionless on the bed while blinking rapidly at the ceiling, trying to get myself back to the ZZzz zone but was of no avail. Tried to continue with Achebe ( which I should have covered long time ago.) but stopped halfway after 5 pages. I am supposed to have The Return in my list at this moment but can't seem to find the mood to read. Have another one in the queue. Not sure when will I touch it.

Talking about books... OH MY GOD! CERULEAN SINS has arrived!!! But... it costs me a big 6-0, which I have to KIV till my financial status is back to normal. I'm broke! Urm well, not THAT broke. Still enuff to keep me well fed for the rest of the week. Next week's allowance perhaps. Another one that I aim is The Forensic Science of CSI that is sold at 60++ bucks. It's about some or maybe all the cases featured in the CSI series altogether with the explanations and some other things which I don't really browse due to an uncontrollable excitement upon the discovery.

Should I request that paperbacks for my birthday or just let them shove me the cash instead... NOPE! Ca$h will do! ;)

I'm going to be the chauffeur to my grandparents tomorrow morning. Have to be there by 10 am and transport 'em from their arrivederci-to-be bungalow to their new soon-gonna-be house. Nak tengok perkembangan terkini...

A discussion later at 8 pm.

Venue: FSKTM.
Mission: To get everything ready by Saturday...hopefully.

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