mercredi, juillet 23, 2003

this network assignment is what being highlighted for this week. we need to get it done asap as next week will be out mid semester break and it's IMPOSSIBLE to carry out any meeting as of course everybody wants to get back to their own REAL homes unlike me who is a 'local'. call me for a meeting and i'll be there in 30 mins time. this is what i like being in a group that consist of chinese. they really put themselves into everything they do unlike other malays where they are like 'acuh tak acuh' when given a job. and another thing when choosing your group members-- DON'T PICK YOUR GOSSIP GROUP TO BE A PART OF YOUR ASSIGNMENT GROUP MEMBERS! been there, done that and boy i regretted of doing that! the discussion session would surely include many unrelated stuffs that lead to ANOTHER discussion. aint gonna repeat the same mistake!

my partner is a chinese boy and we're doing about the security management. thank god he's not the kiasu type as i do admit that some chinese are not quite comfortable having partners who are non-chinese. overall, my group is a kewl one and we have a healthy communication with each other. but we do have a problem which i really hate-- one of the members is MIA. we dont have a slightest idea of her where'bouts and i just realized that he's absent for today's class and on what being informed, she didnt come for monday's either. i really pity her partner-- another chinese guy who was actually willing to take her to be his partner. this is what i really really dislike... but then, i have to look at the other side as well. maybe she has some problems that lead to her absence or maybe she's sick. yeah... i shouldve told them about that instead of allowing everyone including myself to accuse her... i am bad...really bad... okay, i'd make em to calm down, especially her partner so that they wont think what we think she is... urm... well, if it's true, sorry babe, u'll be the black sheep of THIS family.

called nst and expected to hear mr. rozaimy's chirpy 'hello' on the other line when i heard a guy with a macam-cakap-dengan-awek type answered. damn it's zaki! without asking 'how's life', i just went straight to my point of asking about the network management system used. and shit! his voice was the type which will put u into suspicions. my mind suddenly drifted to the thoughts that i myself didnt want to imagine. i mean, there were weird sounds as if the receiver was being moved and some other things that made me want to end the conversation asap! when he's back on the line, his voice sounded as if he just got back from a marathon. okay... please dont tell me what i assumed before is true!!! ARK! LARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shit! when i have a bad first impression on someone the moment i meet that fella, it'll always be true. and this zaki is one of em. i never like him from the very beginning, unlike the other trainees who kept on convincing me that he's not what i thought he was. and one of the trainees eventually realized about it when he faced the same incident i used to had. ha....baru ko tau kenape akuk tak suke katik dari mula! 'nuff of that as he's no longer a part of my everyday life.

end of story!

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