lundi, juillet 28, 2003

Ada Apa Dengan Hari Minggu Kay?

watched Alang Rentak Seribu last saturday night. the play was mainly about 2 different cultures-- the modern and the traditional, ol' school way of thinking. the play, overall, was enjoyable especially a hilarious part which made me laugh like hell! saket otot pipi tau!

my sunday was average. nanny called and asked us to help her packing. and everybody was like... "alaaa....". we went to her house anyways. wow! her collections of dining set are like A LOT! from the expensive Noritakes to the buy-this-get-this-one-free plates. and the whole thing are just enuff for a kenduri that consists of 300 people. just imagine the sets from the 60's to the latest! all were kept hidden inside the cabinets. i wonder how is she gonna rearrange all of them to the new place. certainly a tiring task, especially when her maid had 'escaped' without me having the chance to retrieve my 'cat' pin that i love so much. got it 3++ years ago during my very first strictly-no-parents trip to kuching. :( i want that pin again!!

*heh! this postings are annoying. maybe i ought to unsubscribe myself from the notify list!*

the bungalow of 64 off jalan damai will no longer be in our road map for the next raya or hang out place. no more nokia housing-hunt at ampang park or a straight-away destination to klcc. im not sure about the new owner or the fate of that house after my grandparents move out. it could be a school like La Salle Design School which is just right beside it... or maybe an oriental furniture shop like the one at the corner of the junction... or perhaps...another embassy? naaw.... it is certainly not gonna be an embassy.

we arrived at the middle of the packing session. probably more towards the end. my task was wrapping the delicate glasses with bubblewrap. felt like a bubblewrap princess!! surrounded by them and i suddenly remember about attires made of bubblewraps which i saw on tv. sounds ridiculous but i actually saw them. mat salleh yg dah takde kije...

no interesting shows on tv today as they aired The (Stupid) Mummy. no Smallville, Gilmore Girls and Futurama. *sigh*. believe it or not, i ended up clickin to tv2 and watched an old, black-and-white malay movie right tru, till 1230. well, not complaining tho. ;)

goodbye P, helllloooow full license! 11 days to go before i can finally renew my P after 3 years of probation. called noah but unfortunately he's gotten his changed and not available on the 8th. what day issit on the 8th aaa? hope i can drag ida to teman me as she could help me out with the procedures needed be done.

aaah... a week break... just what i need now... HAPPY HOLIDAY TO SUMA.....BEBUDAK U!!

i am sooooooooo verrrrryyyyyyyy into Audioslave's Like A Stone. the intro and the strummin is just fantabulous!

*alang membuka langkah 007, menutup bicara bermadah berbahasa...* -ded-

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