mercredi, juillet 02, 2003

Near 'butt-kissing' experience....

I really need to change my way of driving. I nearly kissed sumbody's car's butt. Damn close! The whole incident left me thinking about the what-ifs. "What if I hit his bumper?" "What if I lose control of the steering?" "What if....* ". Though it's not a life-threatening experience, that thing really freaked me out and my brain was numb the rest of the journey... gosh...

p/s: Don't let this story put you off of wanting to take a ride with me. I promise to be a good driver when you guys are around... Besides, I don't want to be responsible to anything that happens. Biar la akuk sorang jek yg kena... tanak jawap kat parents kowang siot... I am paranoid.... for now la...*heh*

... I need.... I need... A man dammit... [a line from G's blog...] What? You think you're the only one who need a man? Oit, nampak tak akuk kat depan? *waving like hell* Kita serupa... eh jap... bukan ko dah ade Andy ke? Ngelat! Brape banyak ko nak dey? Now I think that should be my line G... not yours. *wink*. Okay, any guys out there yang nak try line? Heh, now I'm sounding like a desperado.... cheit!

No class on Thursday for another 7 weeks. Talking about bangun lambat!! Yay. I have to face the fact that I'm becoming a morning person...

* eh, ade ke sambal belacan letak garlic?*

Okay, Ida calls me Garlic Girl. It's all because of the sambal belacan at our cafe. I was all puzzled of the garlic breath that I had after having my meal there. Never thought that it's gonna be from the SAMBAL BELACAN itself as I also had chinese-style egg tofu coz they do use garlic in that dish. Mane ade orang gune garlic dalam sambal belacan? Ade ke? Argh, now I have to try my best not to include that in my list of lauk. (tho the ulam kacang panjang looks very tempting as I always eat it with sambal belacan... tak caye tanye bebudak kat D'Mans. *hic*)

The renovation will be fully completed in another one week. Adeh.... Dusty~

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