mardi, décembre 26, 2006

How Funny and Stupid I Sounded!

I didn't know what has Blogger done to my setting. My plain white background was suddenly shifted to the one I used to use on my initial days of blogging.

Speaking of 'initial days of blogging', I ended up browsing some of my archives. Trust me, if there was no one around, I'd laugh like nobody's business!

Based on my writing stylistic, I am comparing my level of maturity in 2003 with the current one.

But then, I don't think it'll require much of a calculation.

It is damn obvious too conclude that Kay in 2003= macam kanak-kanak!

Sometimes, I even feel a lil shameful to continue reading, mostly due to the amount of amusement you can find in those entries. Sungguh lah tak matang!

Oh well, I am now more mature than I was back then in term of mentality and emotionally and I also have grown to be more flexible towards some 'rules' which I used to see as a No-no. :)

After all, life is about growing better and better and wiser and wiser each day.

When you get the chance to meet more people, you will feel the same.

So people, here I am giving you a chance to read about my life for the past 3 years. I've exposed the monthly archive for easier viewing.

Along the way, you might say "Gile immature!" or "Apedaa..." or even "Ntah hapa2 ntah budak ni." but I trully understand you.


Have a nice day people!

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litium a dit…

and when it's the year 2020, you'll be reading 2007's entry and guess what? kay = kanak-kanak