mercredi, août 16, 2006

This Is A Quick One (I Guess...)

Centuries have passed since I go into great details on 'incidents and accidents' of my life. It's been quite a while... I agree.

I celebrated my first year anniversary with The Company and again, I received another increment. Another round of increment and I will have to give my family a treat due to an arrangement made during the initial stage of my working era. It comes at the time when I need it the most : the time when PTPTN is about to start sucking a portion of my salary.

The story about me and my work does not end here...

[START QUOTE] Workplace flirting is not advisable for those who can not separate gushing libido and professionalism. I can. So, I am exclusive. [END QUOTE]

Uh-hurm. I am so much into practising scandalism at the moment. It's the best thing to do. No strings attached and at the same time, emotionally satisfying. (Please listen to Natasha Beddingfield's Single. Sangat cocok skali with my current need and requirement).

Yes Neo, when we are in tremendous stress, our libido tends to increase together with the stress-o-level. So yeah, I trully understand your situation... ;P

On the other side, I am already 24.

24, still single and hot.

No kidding!

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