mercredi, avril 12, 2006

When You Crash, Don't Forget To Burn

Sorry to let you down, Seha. No juicy news this week and the many weeks to come. The hotness has grown frigid.

Poor me...

Now (I mean NOW only), I realize that I am missing something in life- the joy (*cough cough*) of having a good companion (and not 'a boyfriend')

So what are the differences between a companion and a boyfriend???

Companion (to me) is a person who is more like a close close close friend who shares just an insignificant amount of lovey dovey emotion. More towards a no-strings-attached type of relationship...

...because I know that I can't afford to have a PROPER boyfriend just by looking at my current position.

Reason: I'm keeping my options open. Can't afford to be faithful now.

So yeah... I am in need of a companion.

Boyfriend, on the other hand is someone who is strongly attached to you, whether sharing the body fluid or your shower gel or even things you eat. In other word, a boyfriend is a companion who is highly capable of becoming your husband (some may not even survive the bf-gf world). Some boyfriends tend to get very overprotective and clingy and suffocating (to mention some..). That is one of the major reasons why now is not the suitable time to get attached to anyone.

Perhaps one day...

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