lundi, avril 03, 2006

Now, I Am A Believer...

When men say they can't read between the line, they don't lie.

And for someone who likes to twist her sentences (in other word, go the longer way before getting to the exact point), some men will definitely find it hard to tolerate with me.

I know one and we even got into an argument which resulted to me getting a silent treatment for a couple of days.

But we're cool now.

So the bottom line is, men need straightforward commands. Never put any hope that they will understand your poetic linguistic.

Same goes to body languages.

After making a presentation to a Big Shot this evening, a colleague of mine, who is a man, asked my opinion on the reaction that guy gave on things we presented. For someone who comes from a Mid-East country with nada understanding on Malay, he had trouble interpreting the body language, of weather the Dato' actually agrees to what we're proposing or the other way round.

I don't blame him. Language DOES play quite a major role.

Oh well...

(Yet another hanging entry from me. :)

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