mardi, janvier 10, 2006

This Is Going To Get Very Nostalgic

First, somebody is in a quest to find this place and he gives himself three days for this. He already found the fotopages (brah-vow!) but not yet the blog (all the best!).

Dear Mr. E Oh Really,

Do leave your trace so that I'll know whether the bet is on you or me.


I wish for the month to end as quickly as possible but at the same time I don't want it to end that soon. The Good and Close Friend is leaving for Switzerland (and not Swaziland or else I would've booked the ticket and start practising the Hung Up dance) on the 1st of next month. So yeah, there will be no more of "Kay..." out of the blue or "Kay, kau ok???" or the call when I go silent for more than 10 minutes in MSN, asking if I am mentally alright when the thing I do that moment is brushing Sam's fur or ironing the clothes...

Herm... uh-hum. I surely am going to miss him.

Still haven't found the perfect .........


I have realized about the fact how small the world is the day I did my pre-U. Up till today, it still hasn't stopped. And it becomes even more apparent to see the connection between two people after the creation of those networking services. Perhaps it happens due to my increasing circle of friends (I am not THAT anti-social, alright.)....

Suddenly, I am reminded of those days when they still have PB online (G, betcha still remember about this one!). People like G, Kuben, Zuril and As3 are among a few people (wait a minute! They are THE ONLY people) whom I have met and still keep myself updated with ('verbally' or via blogs). The rest? Kena abducted atau dah vanished into thin air.

A few of the other still haven't changed (or maybe just a miniscule amount).

People like...

Fat will always be the old Fat-- a fickle minded girl with emotion as fragile as the crystal glass. Memories of her will never evaporate. Been thinking about her for the past couple of days.

Noddy has show a significant change on her relationship pattern. For once, she's sticking with the same guy... and it's almost 3 years now. Something to be proud of.

The last time I heard about Moyo was during the last year when Alif informed me about her brain tumor. Ask me about her whereabouts and you will leave with nothing.

Yat is tremendously happy with her life. About to get engaged I presume. After a tragic end with Ji Wah, she deserves to be in the current position she's in now.

Bee is now a proud system analyst. Still possess the same ol' 'frankness'. Her relationship with Bob is never a told tale. Certain things are best to be left alone.

Elle... herm... will drop her a message in Friendster later. Test tubes and gel...

Suddenly I see flashes of Gone With The Wind.

Sungguh tak releven!

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