mardi, janvier 03, 2006

Madam Zora, If You Happened To Read This Blog, Please Read My Handwriting

Current situation: It's the PMS! It's absolutely the PMS!

I got stressed over silly things. My phobia approaches when the school reopens. School reopens = less time flirting. 2006 means a year older means 24 means getting near to becoming 25 means old! That's not the major point. If I were in a relationship at this moment, mom would give me a period of a year and 1/2 before saying buh-bye to my singlehood. Call it SAIKO! Yeah, my mom is a saiko when it comes to this.

The solution: will hide my boyfriend under the blanket until I'm 30.

Due to the current situation, I decided to cry while driving home. It's cool being a woman (if not, you will not see more and more men turn into 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 women). We can cry and no one will make fun of it. Guys cry = sissy = !=macho (tho I strongly object the stereotype assumption! Guys = human = have emotions = CAN cry).

Despite being TECHNICALLY single, one mustn't rule out 'scandals' as part of the 'penyebab otak kacau bilau'. Yes, otak saya tengah kacau bilau sekarang.

And for that I torture my soul with songs that remind me of the... issue (couldn't think of any other suitable word).

It's hard to keep yourself from making stupid decisions, especially when it comes to the matter of love and lust and charity work. (fuyoh!).

Lets get it done and over with, shall we?

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