jeudi, novembre 17, 2005

All These While, My Sex Life Is Battery Operated

1) It's either the soundbox is corrupted or my hearing has become more sensitive than usual. There's definitely something wrong with the Black Box.

2) Now I know how the idea of giving me the chocolate bar came about and I also know how fucked up Azmir is with me. Whatever it is, I am not the one to blame. He's pardoned for having such anger.

3) I need to find a HE travelling partner. Pronto!

4) I no longer looking forward to Friday. Not sure if it's a bad sign.

5) "In the mood for love" status has nothing (much) to do with my quest of finding a companion, neither as an indicator of desperation.

6) The situation at my Men Dept is a bit shallow and rigid. 'Pathetic' is considerable too.

7) I can see the image of me burning a hole on my credit card, not of stuffing the whole wardrobe with Zara or MNG or Guess (I saw a few same patterns at some cheaper & cikai stores!) but of trip expenses.

8) Just now, I received a SERIOUS marriage proposal. Hell! Now I AM FREAKING OUT!

9) My love-hate relationship with The Company is receding FOR NOW.

10) I might want to apologize to Shah in advance for having to bear with Sisqo's Incomplete repeating in my car cd player throughout the whole journey to Ungku's house this coming Saturday. I can't seem to wipe away the memories.

11) I am still wondering of the reason why I like to torture myself with my past memories.

12) I curse myself for answering The Call. I am still cursing myself as I complete this line.

13) After recovering from my short term memory loss, it suddenly came to me that I have known Francis for more than 5 years now. Whoa...

14) Praying for the final day of the other trainee (Dear God, I am PRAYING to you!).

15) Writing in points that are not related to each other is more fun than elaborating only one.

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