vendredi, octobre 14, 2005

Rugby and Kay

Fuh! Such an overwhelming comments from you all!

Things about Kay and Rugby that are too insignificant to know. (But I am going to tell you about 'em anyways.)

1. A few years ago, I used to drag Ida along to a blind date with a chat friend of mine who is a rugby player (He's a jerk anyways.). He made a few cameo appearance in 3R. Since that day, Ida selalu ejek aku about blind date aku dengan si budak rugby. Sikit2 "budak rugby Kay", sikit2 "budak rugby Kay". Cis kau Ida!

2. I always wonder about rugby players. They look like obese hobbits. Hobbits are cute but rugby players are... intimidating. (Sorry Hobo!)

3. The first time I saw the Hakka Dance, I went "Erk! Gila semangat!". I thought them players were 'poyo' and a bunch of show-off people. Later I discovered that that's their so-called trademark...

4. I used to know a skinny rugby player. We used to be friends but due to his jack-ass attitude, I stopped communicating with him. Sorry beb, kalau perangai ko macam cibai, aku tak boleh nak tolerate la.

5. When a few of my friends were still in UPM, I would sometimes go to my friend's place to lepak. The residential colleges share one huge field and most of the times I would see the field filled with rugby players. Nasib baik badan tak se horror professional players.

No matter what, I still find 'em... weird.

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