lundi, octobre 31, 2005

Quoting Carson "Ergh! This Room Is Not Clean!"

My plant needs water. It is wilting. The condition of my room is like a studio apartment (which is not even close to resembling one) after a 9.5 Richter scale earthquake. It is beginning to look like bilik store.

*thinking out loud*

Okay, lets clean it tomorrow.



Me together with The Designer (TD) and The Jr. Architect (TJA) decided to hit ABC last night. TJA is now a proud owner of Gen 2 with the down payment of 75 bucks and full loan from the bank.

Speaking of Gen 2, dad suggested that I should replace my beloved Kelisa with it since I always travel (yeah, with the average number of 2 times per month and the total of 5 trips in October alone).

Will consider after The Boss gives me a raise.

It all started with the issue of Sepet and the comparison between the mentality of Yusuf Haslam and Yasmin Ahmad.

TD and TJA involve directly with arts (thus a graphic designer and an architect), whereas this yours trully doesn't know how to go beyond the norm with her imagination, let alone transferring it to the surface of a canvas. However, to say that I can't engage in arty conversation is not a fair assumption to make. :)

(This is not exacly the exact, sebijik-sebijik sentence we use, but the points are.)

TD: Mentality Melayu bila part nengok movie dah susah nak remould. Diaorang dah diexposed dengan filem jiwang meleleh Yusuf Haslam. Jadi bila Sepet masuk, sambutan tak segila masa Sembilu.

TJA: Ye tapi apa yang dia buat adalah passion dia, and dia buat filem based on apa yang masyarakat nak.

Me: Tapi, at the same time dia exploit pelakon-pelakon dia. If not kite takkan asik nampak Erra, Yusri, Awie in almost every filem dia. Kalau dia buat based on passion alone, dia akan cuba untuk expand his 'aura' by seeking some other new talents.

TJA: Tapi dia ada chemistry bila kerja dengan Erra. Yang tu susah nak dapat.

TD: Cuba kau tengok kes George Lucas dengan Harrison Ford dulu. Diaorang tak boleh nak communicate well and bila nak cakap kena ada orang tengah. Dari situ directly ko boleh tengok diaorang dah tak ada chemistry.

TJA: Ada chemistry.

Me: Mana ada! Chemistry between director dengan pelakon tu itself dah takda. Kalau ko cakap chemistry between the actor dengan role yang dia pegang, boleh la cakap ada chemistry and the director nampak keserasian tu tapi bila ko cakap pasal chemistry, we're talking about perhubungan di antara 2 orang. Ko dah silap interpret maksud chemistry la...

TD: Sama jugak dengan interpretation ko tentang PGL. Ko kata PGL telah dieksploit oleh Tiara untuk diri dia sendiri, meaning dia gunakan filem tu untuk buat comeback. Tapi Tiara exploits diri dia sendiri...

Me: ... whereas Yusuf Haslam exploits pelakon-pelakon popular untuk lariskan filem. Balik-balik muka sama. Balik-balik muka sama. Kalau dia buat filem based on his passion of art, dia akan go to the extent to carik muka lain untuk kembangkan the passion walaupun ambik masa yang lama. But cuba ko tengok gap in between 2 filem. Tak besar.

TD: Masa kat ofis aku dulu, aku terdengar la conversation a group of bebudak IPT pasal nak tengok movie. Satu dari diaorang suggested Sepet but budak lagi satu cakap "Tak nak lah. Pelakon tak kenal. Kalau ada Yusri boleh lah.". Dari situ ko dah dapat tengok pattern dia. Suma pattern neh Yusuf Haslam yang start.

The conversation about film directors in Malaysia made me reach home at around 4; the time when mom is about to get up to prepare sahur. My attempt to sneak in and make it to my room in a furtive manner failed. She was on her way down just when I was about to climb the stairs.


If it's not because of a buka puasa date today, I will sure kena during iftar nanti.

But whatever it is, art is something very subjective. You have your own take on art and the other party should remain cool with it. We're cool with it. Tapi baik ko pi bukak kamus balik Shah apa makna exploit dengan chemistry!

Pegi Gopeng habaq kat aku oi! Nak ikot!

To all Malaysians and the Hindus from all over the world, Happy Deepavali/Diwali!

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