mercredi, août 17, 2005

We Might As Well...

I have trouble finding a title each time for my new entry. And the one above is a snippit from one of Keane's light-and-easy songs, which I'd like to categorize it as easy listening. It has absolutely nothing to do with my post.

Heels are meant to be worn if you don't have to walk a mile from the carpark to your office building... especially when you have to top up the parking meter during your working hour. And no, I did not wear the 3 inch stiletto heel, fyi (reminds me of last night's episode of Desperate Housewives). Those back-aching shoes aren't made to cater my walking pace. I wish to get more ballerina shoes.


Oh bai de wei, do visit Ayah Pin's avid follower's blog at

Look at Ayah Pin's profile (hail Ayah Pin for being very computer literate!!!) and you will find another blog. Haven't properly read 'em but I will later

Ergh! Why do I always feature him in my blog?

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