vendredi, août 12, 2005

C'était Génial!

Call it Super Friday of Good News.


There are too many news to break and I need to prioritize. I'll do it in chronological manner.

#1- NEVER EVER share your passwords with your partners.

My sister recently broke up with her boyfriend. She was in my room, surfing Friendster and informed me about his account and how she has the access to edit his profile, while uttering profanities at him.

Heard the word 'password' and suddenly the evil in me (re)surfaced. My mind started to concoct a plot for revenge and by the time the 'edit profile' page appeared, I was already in the middle of surfing to navigate to the 'pen-pal' section (I've just deleted the History, and so I have to take the longest route to that page). Don't get me wrong. As the eldest sister, it is my duty to look after my other sisters and though my feelings towards him is neither 'like' nor 'hate', I do feel 'obligated' to be her side kick. After all, revenge is beautiful. Only that I am not presented with the chance and concrete reason to do so. She was initially unsure about the whole idea but a malefic force I am, it didn't take me centuries to transform that worry look into something wicked.

So, that straight guy is 'no longer straight'. He now belongs to the gay community. His favourite hunting places are Liquid, Velvet and Blue Boy. The fave TV show? Manhunt. His type of man-- daddy-type, aged above 30. His position? Bottom.

To avoid the profile from being altered, I ordered her to change the password. I also asked her to accept all friend requests from the male and to reject those from the girls.

Now tell me how cruel I am.


#2- The greatest birthday gift

My second interview with the Smart School Software Solution Provider, took place on Thursday (which was yesteday), the time when the haze was at it's worst of condition. Despite being in the nick of time, I managed to deliver the best answers to my interviewers. The result arrived today.

"We have decided to employ you. So when can you start?"

I don't want to wait any longer. Monday will be my very first day at work. This means:

  • no longer hitting the bed at 3 am
  • no longer able to wake up after noon.
  • no longer have to cook.
  • no longer unproductive days.
  • less time online during daytime and maybe at night too.
  • more things to blog about.
  • monthly income.
The most important of all-- I've met my target of securing a job before my convocation. I am getting my scroll tomorrow. My birthday is on the next day. The official day I'm going to dump my Jobless title: Monday.

Alhamdulillah! :)

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