vendredi, juillet 29, 2005

Just Musing

The reality behind most reality shows in Malaysia:

Here, there and everywhere, guy contestants are most likely to win the talent competitions due to the nature of women to get frantic upon seeing cute and adorable men, no matter how talentless they are. And because of this major factor, they will not hesitate to vote for them morons just to retain the position of the 'idols'. Dey perempuan-perempuan bodo, lebih baik guna credit tu untuk gayut dengan manusia lain! These women should be given a reality check; a good slap on the face to make them wake up.

Argh! I can't tolerate stupid women!

I don't hate AF. It's the mentality of the people that makes me cringe. And if Mawi was to set up an ajaran sesat organization, he doesn't have to seek for followers. There is already a group of 'kepala lutut', who are highly devoted to him. Consider him the upgraded version of Ayah Pin-- better sense of fashion, better looks, better way of thinking (I doubt this point...) and better approach.

How will the kingdom be ek? Will the pusat pentadbiran take the shape of a globe? Aaah... Johor will have a new famous landmark!


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