mercredi, juillet 13, 2005

Every Clould Has Its Own Silver Lining...

No! Make it platinum!


I had a rough start. The first day of the week had been tough on me. Truth is, I've never faced such grimness in my life before and trust me, I didn't know the solid reason that triggered such foolish action. I think I know why. Blame 'peer pressure'. That is the greatest culprit of all culprits! It sent me to Stressville and thankfully not to Asylumville. But I know, despite all that, I have God to turn to and look after me. :)

You see, I was invited to an interview for Sales and Marketing Trainee position from one of the food and beverage distribution companies in KL. For those who know me personally, they know how much I hate doing sales and marketing. Me and marketing? We don't walk in the same line. I don't know how to persuade people to buy my products. I hate salesmen and I don't like them to approach me. So I put myself in my own shoes.

Maybe I was possessed at that time kot.

I've never thought that my decision would get me shortlisted THAT fast. I've submitted my application early Monday evening and received an email a few hours later, followed by a phone call the next morning. It was only an invitation with no fixed date so I was planning to have a day to think it through of whether to ignore or call 'em up and fix a date. To my surprise, the management called me the next day while I was in Lala Land.

"Hi, I'm from **lalalala calling in about your application for Management Trainee."

"Hi, good morning."

"Are you willing to work within 2 days after the interview?"

**bukan nama sebenar

So, it's an immediate position (for the new branch in PJ). Given only 30 minutes to decide, I consulted a few friends of mine (THANK YOU VERY MUCH GUYS!) and came out with the final decision.

I declined the invitation. Product sales is not my cup of tea (tapi kalau jual orang takpa. Hehehehehe). I'm not sure if I can perform well even if I try my very best. I've had enough of involving in things that I don't fully enjoy (not everything but only a couple).

Guess what? I have another interview next week with an advertising and marketing consultant firm, something which is out of my field of expertise. Wait a minute. Did I just mention 'marketing'?

Oh well!

Will I meet my deadline?

Kita tunggu dan lihat.

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