lundi, mai 09, 2005

Psychic Psycho and Her Crystal Ball

I may be gila at times but surely not to the point of being a psycho; let alone ditching my degree and adopt the hefty crystal ball to feed me. With no experience in tarot card prediction (having my life being read by some gypsy witch wannabe, that is) and only get a hold of my everyday astro guide for RM 1.20 as well as other free sources (printed matter), I must say that I like the horoscope prediction in Friendster more than the others aforementioned. To say that I put my belief in such 'art of reasoning about the future', would be a nonsensical assumption. However, today's prediction's made me smile in awe. And you should too.

You've always been proud of your friends. You handpick them with great care, and it takes time. Anyone who makes it to your inner circle gets there because they're intelligent, witty and entertaining -- the cream of the crop. That doesn't mean you're a snob, however -- only that you appreciate and insist on nothing but the best in all departments. So when a friend surprises you, it's an especially delightful moment. Well, pack some tissues in your lunchbox. One of those moments is en route.


So people in my list, please be proud of yourselves because you are one outstanding crowd! :)

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