mercredi, avril 27, 2005

Alif Ba Ta

Question to me: When was the last time I seriously read articles in Jawi?

Answer from me: During religious school?

Since I have all the time the world can give me, dad has decided that I should help him out with the translation of some jawi articles to rumi.

It is a wonder that I am still capable of recognizing word after word that eventually completed the whole sentence. However, I still have trouble distinguishing the numbers 6 ,7 and 8.

Sekolah agama...

Details about my final day in religious school are very vague; to the point of having the incapability of remembering anything. But one thing for sure is that I, together with a few 'member taman' (including Waie) were amongst the very first students to sign up, thus crowning us as the first batch of the sekolah agama in our neighbourhood.

Before the proper name of "Sekolah Rendah Agama", we were exposed to the term KAFA (Kelas Agama dan Fardhu Ain) and the infrastructure of our 'school' was the assemblance of what we will call 'sekolah pondok'. All of us would sit on the floor cross-legged with a table that could accommodate two students. The lessons were conducted at the wall-less porch of the surau (and counting the passing vehicles would be my favourite activity the time when my brain refused to focus on the black board). Things would go a bit chaotic during the heavy rain as everyone would try to move away from the rain that escaped into the porch.

There is no such thing as wearing uniform in KAFA. Any pattern or colour would do fine. Actually, it's more of a Fardhu Ain classes but what made it different from the typical Fardhu Ain classes is the attendance. Every schooling day is counted.

And again, I can't recall anything about my final day in school.

Perhaps En. Waie can straighten this out for me?

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