mercredi, mars 02, 2005


Some of the childhood memories that I can still remember...

# When I was around 5, I got chased around the padang permainan by a white bitch while sitting in peace at a bench. I didn't have any idea of what made it chose me as target but when it slowly came up to me I just knew that that crazy bitch was going after me and I started to make a move. I quickened my pace and the next thing I know was, we were running in circle, circling a stone bench. I broke the circle and ran to my house like nobody's business. Only God knows how terrified I was and when I was eventually home, all white and teary, my late grandma interrogated me with tons of questions. That incident made me develop a phobia of dogs, and until now, my heart will go on a sprint whenever I have to walk pass a loose dog. No kidding!

# A few doors from mine there was a Chinese family whom we called 'Tarzan'. The house was soo packed with junks till there was barely space to move around. The reason why we called 'em the Tarzan family? One is due to the situation of the house itself (like a jungle) and the other one is because the mother and father (or was it the whole family?) liked to shout when calling their 'missing' children. The family still lives there but I guess some of 'em have moved out. The last time I checked that place out, there's not much difference in term of condition.

# There was a Chinese family on my floor (yep, I lived on the 1st floor of the 4 stories Bandaraya flat.) that liked to serve roasted pig (Yeah! Like kambing panggang!) during Chinese New Year feast and the nyonya would put it on the corridor as that's where they would have their meals at. So, to get a closer look, I would pretend to get to the other side. Boy, I found that pig fascinating (Hey! When you are only a small kid, almost everything will intrigue you.)!

# A few days after the heavy pour, me and a few other friends would go for berudu hunt. We would search the available puddles and collect the tadpoles. Usually at the other side of the padang. My choice of container would usually be the paper STM (now known as Telekom) envelope as that's the easiest one available and the easiest one that's within reach. Paper? Water? I know, I know it was a stupid one but when you can't contain your excitement, apa-apa pun jadi lah! To ask for a plastic container from grandma = kena marah = grounded. After all, we would release those anak katak back to the longkang. So, katak or kena marah???

# My kindergarden was only on the ground floor of our flat. One day, while having our lesson, a 'chemically imbalanced' pakcik entered our class and went all angry over some unknown issue. Everyone hid behind our teacher, panic-struck. Some cried and I am not sure if I was one of 'em. :D

# One person that I will never forget during my schooling years would be a girl named Claudia. A fat, big Serani girl that is soo mengada-ngada and liked to mengadu to her bushy grandfather (he's a Singh with a lot of facial hair) whenever I did something to her like jotting down her name each time she commited an offence or when I picked a fight with her (I was a class monitor, fyi). And when that happened, she would go "I will tell my grandfather what you did to me when he arrives." Yeah, she kept her promises and when that happened, I would either find a place to hide or ran straight home upon release. There was once when I didn't manage to escape and after seeing Claudia motioned her finger to me from across the hall, I knew it's going to be a disaster. Her big grandfather came up to me and warned me not to kacau his grand daughter ever again. I guess I was a bully back then as the same thing happened even when we entered the same class. Would have her mother stopped my walk and warned me just like the grandfather did and she would watch me kena marah and smirking. Mengada-ngada sungguh! If such happens today, I won't hesitate to face her and spit BITCH right on her face!

# I started to develop a crush when I was in Darjah 3. That guy was a son of my grandmother's friend. I still remember the time during the Sports Day prize giving ceremony, when he had to go to the stage to receive his medal. Gosh I was all berbunga-bunga! So very the gatal! I think his name is Farouk... or was it Johan? I still have his picture, taken during my birthday party. He reminds me of a guy from Gila-gila Remaja. Heh!

# I liked to play with my mom's heels when I was small, pretending that I am a working woman, just like her. I would also wake up early just to get the chance to wear her lipstick while she's getting ready for work.

# Whenever my grandma prayed, I would wait until she's about to sujud and grab her from behind, giggling and went all "Whee" when the both of us 'sujud'. To make me stop pestering her when she's praying, she would ask me to sembahyang with her and since I was small, she made my temporary telekung by using her kain batik. She would tie the opening ends like when you wear a scarf and then pull one part of the other opening of the kain to the front so that you are covered with the kain and having only your face visible. (Faham ke tak ni?)

# I learnt how to ride a bike from my cousin who is in the same age as I am. Rasa sangat malu bila dia dah terrer kayuh the proper bike when I was still stuck with my kiddie bike with two small wheels at the back. But when it comes to driving, I obtained my driving license first than she did! :D

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