lundi, février 21, 2005

When A Good Deed Isn't That Good After All

I drove very quietly today. No hissing, no grunting and most of all, no cussing. To say that it's sleep deprivation wouldn't be the best of hypothesis as the morning started off better than yesterday. Managed my schedule wisely so that I would have the time to sip coffee. In addition to that, I ended up adding 2 eggs and a banana for breakfast. I think I have found the solution to my cranky-ness. Food.

Just when I think I won't come across 'orang tak faham bahasa' in the library, again, in this semester, I had to act as Pengawas Perpustakaan and hushed up a group of assholes who were 'yakety-yak'ing like nobody's business and couldn't seem to find the switch to tone down the voices. What a bunch of non-civic conscious creatures! What's the point of being smart when you lose points on manners?

Wish me luck. I am slighty tired and am needing a couple hours of sleep before hitting the notes again.

When everything is over, I'd like to re-read this entry. And at that moment, I will see myself breath a sigh of relief, beaming as the exam-oriented life finally ends.

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