vendredi, février 11, 2005

Hooba Hooba

I remember getting and rejecting a few invitations before I finally made up my mind on joining Friendster and later MySpace. I was a bit skeptical on the benefits they are capable of providing me with. And during the first few years, the places were left unattended, except when the request notifications reached the mailbox.

But now, I must say that I am quite satisfied with the outcomes, sans the experiences of interacting with some manusia yang can turn out to be soo menjengkelkan. As more people being exposed to these services, I come to gradually imagine these places as the Bintang Walk or Zouk of the cyberworld- the 'hip and happening' spots where you can get to know people, be the nice ones or not.

And just a few weeks back, my long lost best friend of primary school added me.

That's the sweetest part of it.

And I am about to share with you the not-good part.

Yesterday, some stranger dropped me a hi with a catchy, 'not typical' intro, enough to make me reply his message in return. He sounded okay but not until we talked via messenger.

"From your profile, it looks like you're being defensive."

I started to get annoyed. At 4 o'clock in the freaking morning, it's certainly not that hard to make me roiled.

"If I don't, who will? You?"

"But why is that so?"

"You want to know the reason behind the bitterness? Now hear. When I signed up, my main focus is to gather all my friends so that I won't lose them. But from my observation, I can sense a trend where some may just add you up to boost the counters and to have a collection of bimbos. I don't need such people and I commiserate them. I pose myself with intimidating descriptions and it works. I am indeed one happy human being and only that matters."

I don't like him. I deleted his name from my yahoo and since I am a kind-hearted creature, I still put his request on hold. Having a stranger to give such accusation on the very first conversation is not a good sign.

I don't like him.

Smart men with decent attitude fascinate me.

I don't find him fascinating.

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