lundi, février 07, 2005

Colds, Get Lost!

Another box of Mandarin oranges was dropped at the doorstep this afternoon by an anon, which adds the total number of boxes we have in the house to 3. Dad said it's probably from Tarzan. Woo hoo! Another superhero! And with that amount of oranges available, there is no reason for any of us to get smacked down by the cold bugs, Insya-Allah lah. Oranges for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, evening tea, dinner and supper... oh super! And during Chinese New Year, rest assured that there will be less cases of premature ruptured membrane in pregnant women.

The Monday so far is mundane. Am planning to spend the Tuesday OUTSIDE the house. That means having the afternoon out at the mall, doing basically nothing. Getting a few tees perhaps.

I am experiencing a type of unexplainable excitement... and this is caused by an Italian dish that I am planning to... cook. Weird...

To Dave and the rest of the readers, hope you'll have a very roaring Chinese New Year.

With lots of Love,


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