mardi, janvier 25, 2005

*Waves To Everyone*

Yeah I know. Posting a 4-words sentence mentioning about some people cooking curry, is not what I (or even most people) can consider as 'proper entry'. It was totally irrelevant and trust me, that was not done on purpose. It was a part of that day's entry but however, something took away my 'motivation to proceed' right after I placed the fullstop. Thus the second line.

Monday was typical. Wore my black sweater as a form of grievance (Oh! A legal term!). Sent dad and Uncle Najib to KLIA. Truth is, I was still sleepy. Parting from a conversation at 4 am when you know the day has to start earlier than usual, IS unhealthy. Tell me, will I ever learn???

Kay => lack of sleep = grumpy

Now this, I must say, is the best part of the day-- an encounter with 3 Sekawan Monyet in Kancil. But before anything, I have to thank them for the adrenalin rush that eventually gave a boost to the caffeine I consumed earlier (which I dreadfully need for VHDL lecture... *sigh*).

Girls, don't you think it is unfortunate for us to come across with a bunch of (moron) guys with pitiable attitudes?

Yes, we are very much unfortunate...

If you guys out there think that I will simply let you all ego-driven, gatal dan pathetic male drivers, go, READ THIS: KISS MY ASS! (Terms and conditions applied).

Loaded basic Kancil with an empty Kelisa to defeat? Boleh blah!

And need I to announce who got crushed in the end? 'Nuff said.

On networking...

Mr Ling. He's my mentor.

(Note to Litium: Terima kasih kerana sudi mendengar komplen aku tentang cuaca petang Isnin!)


Today was my fave day... for the entire semester. Highly because there was no Viva and I have Crypto to wrap the day. Splendid! (And this expression is not fake!)

Question: Is it too late to make him as my mentor now, considering that the next Monday is my final class with him?

Now I guess I WILL have someone to miss after I graduate...

Let me get a bit emotional here. Why on earth doesn't Salina confess her real feelings towards him and what's with the marriage bullshit??? Aiyoh!!! Such a disconsolate episode! *geram*

"I like things that are so good... You are so so good..." (Oui, pour toi...)

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