lundi, janvier 10, 2005

Now I Wonder Which Is Tougher: To Care for Four Mischievous Kittens or To Babysit Four Human Babies.

Oh, and as for today, I won't hesitate to declare that it was indeed a blardy Monday. The morning greet that's supposed to be the sound of the alarm, was being replaced by the sudden discomfort at the gut that made me running for the loo.

... And at that moment, the only wish I had was to munch the sink.

... Been having this on-and-off uneasiness for a few days now.

... I had my second tablet just now.

... The stories my stomach and me is not a phenomenon.

... Could be angin.

... But why no constant farting?

Skipped the 2pm class. Couldn't afford to perform another marathon to the ladies in the middle of the lecture.

At 1.30 pm : Still trying to decide whether I should take the risk by attending Intranet class.

Skipping Mr. L's class = being clueless during the next lecture.

2 pm : Showered.

The gut still didn't cooperate much.

Stubborn ey?

Today was a blardy Monday. Mood was taken away by 3/4.

No feel to wear nice clothes.

No feel to put any bedak on the face.

No feel to put on a fresh pair of jeans.

And most of all, no feel to feel.

Wore the 7 year-old Youth Quake tee I got during their very first launch party.

Told ya...

... I just don't bother to bother about the way I look today.

And oh, I ended up doing the assignment alone.

"I have emailed you this morning"

"I dah 2 kali sms you asking about that. Document tu I've sent it to them this early morning... at 3 am."

"... are you still in the group because if you don't wish to, I can always ask Mr. L to exclude your name. You have been MIA for all the labs so far."

"I am really sorry. Family problem lah."

"Well, I understand but you kena prioritize. We have a deadline, which is today."

"Ha! I thought it's not today! Didn't see any date!"

"... it is there..."

And God knows how cool I was...

Simply because I was too tired to get pissed off.

... And I am not that easy to go gila and marah orang.

I have my pride.

My common sense is still intact.

And my gut is bothering me.

This is the end of today's entry. The theme song for today; none other than Orgy's Blue Monday.

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