lundi, janvier 17, 2005

Lets Go Indonesia Batik!

Simple equation: Traffic and Bukit Bintang = A.T.R.O.C.I.O.U.S!

Mom has come up with a very practical solution of communicating with me while I am hibernating: By giving me a call from the house phone.

She called me up this morning at around 11 am.

"Do you want to go to Aunty Sally's launching?"

Struggled to make sense of the question (you have to pardon my newly conscious and puzzled mind...). Hearing only 'Aunty Sally', I replied with an Okay.

"Mak Long will pick us up at 2."

Set the alarm as quickly as possible before my mind became more awake. It's Sunday people! SUNDAY!


Arrived at Piccolo Galleria at 3.30 pm after being stuck in the jam for almost 45 minutes. I was thirsty, a bit sleepy and terribly hungry and to top it all, the aircon decided to malfunction during the last 30 minutes of the journey. And please, don't feel sorry for me.

'Salam'ed with both Uncle L and Aunty Sally.

Entered the boutique.

So this is what they've been doing in Jakarta.

Did what other pennyless people would do when they are in a shop-- check the price tags.

RM 50 for a toaster cover (or what I think it resembles la).
RM 280 for a scarf. Raw silk.
RM 155 for a blouse. The price has been marked down.
RM 845 for an organza kebaya lookalike.
RM 4000+ for a batik kain ela. Silk maybe.

You won't see me forking out my cash on any of these items.

Those are from Parang Kencana.

Quoted from Aunty KN, who 'whispered' to us while saying this, "If dekat sana (Jakarta), the price of course la will be less, around 2 juta rupiah..."

Wanted to do some congak but forgot about the exchange rate.

Met Uncle Dee with his beau, a Malay with sexy American accent. The type who will make me skip a breath. If I didn't control myself, I would've melted on the spot (very the gatal!). Uncle Dee is not a close uncle of mine and the amount of time I see him per year can be easily counted and tak even lepas satu tangan pun. One hell of a rich fella...

On the other side, they had lined up popiah goreng, mini chicken pie, mushroom quiche, fried drummets (huh???) and some kuih.

Where's the drink? WHERE IS THE DRINK???

You wouldn't believe me if I tell you the number of glasses of water I had.

Should I decide to have my own shoe boutique, I want to register KASUT as the brand.

Eh, I kinda missed the popiah goreng lah.

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