mercredi, janvier 26, 2005

Direct From Yours Truly New V878... Naked, Uncensored and Unedited!

I can't resist the temptation of Oliver's Combo Meal! Tell me if it's merely coincidence when there was an empty parking space just when I reached the junction...

Pre- makan. Bismillah...

You can pick any of the main isi you prefer as long as it's in the range of RM 6 and RM 6.50. My all time favorite: Turkey Toast. And you will get pure watermelon juice as drink. What a bless!

But don't go to Mid Valley's! The only buah you'll get are honeydew and pineapple!

See what the Bangsar outlet served me...

Green apple, orange, jambu batu, betik and watermelon.

And this was the second piece. You guys should try it lah. Simply shiok!

While in the process of getting this shot, a pakcik who passed by my table said this, "Hai, sedapnya makan."

And if I have that amount of nerve to reply, this is what he would eat, "Kenapa? Dengki?"


... And this I present you... Alif The Blondie!

That was inside the lab while we were crying, trying (porah!) to complete some programming exercise. Nevertheless he always has the time to pose.

I hate my phone but I also like it... for this feature.


Now be prepared for more pictures in the future.


Note to Waie: Kesemua tracks Butterfingers mu telah selamat sampai ke dalam inbox ku. Terima kasih bebanyak! :D

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