dimanche, janvier 23, 2005

Apart From The Burning Hot Sunday Afternoon, The Day Wasn't That Bad At All

The aircond thermometer was set to the minimum and that setting was supposed to make me shiver. Sadly it didn't. My room is like the mini oven and sleeping during midday is way unadvisable. It was worse before the installation of the aircond! You'll end up having a sauna session instead of sleeping.

Mom was already on her way to Johor by the time I got up. The sisters were downstairs watching TV and dad was out. Somehow I know it's not going to happen. So basically I was ready. Never bother planting hopes.

Ciao Italia!

Cooked spaghetti bolognese. That coockoo sister of mine bought Capelli d'Angeli, and not the usual spaghetti that makes it look like you're having beehon with Italian gravy. And yeah, I had fun pointing fingers at her.

I simply love tomato-based food.

Dad was way on top of the world when mom served him botok-botok, some Johor dish that looks really spooky. Consists of more than 10 types of daun and many of spices (hah?).

Remind me not to date a PURE Johorian (I doubt the new gen will go ga-ga over botok-botok or even know how to eat that!).

Bless you all!

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