jeudi, décembre 16, 2004

Good Things Do Come In A Package

Due to my uncontrollable impatience (not good!), I have decided not to wait for that stupid Ho! Ho! Ho! holler. Instead, I've chosen to become the Santa for my own self. I am indeed one of God's fave beings! Now let me tell you why.

Got an sms this morning with the news of the meeting postponement to 1.30 pm. The damage is done. I was already awake-- thirty minutes earlier than my alarm in fact.

Two hours before Crypto, me and Alif went to MV. I've made up my mind to get the selipar toilet that I want... by hook or by crook! With a bankbook in the compartment, I can be rich in a minute! Yes indeed, I was now 150 richer. Got the first item in my Wishlist and that alone has made my day. Another 50 bucks? Spent on Sam's crackers. Bought the biggest bag. Easier. I love today too as my brain seemed to be able to work despite my on and off images of Lala Land.

'ave a nice weekend guys. Sapa pegi Rock The World, tolong tengokkan bagi pihak aku.

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