lundi, novembre 08, 2004

There Are Times When You Just Hate The Tech!

Things would be a lot easier if I am still having XP in this damn PC-- highlight the file, right click and Send To... E:\, and viola! The LED will turn red.

Ini registry checker is driving me nuts. The error windows keeeeeeeeeeeeep on popping out! Things were more peaceful before THIS! I'm running out of space and the burner is failing me... Better solve this when I am myself again. Kalau tak, ada yang kene hempas dekat dinding nanti.


omg_im_20: yang.. u dah check result dah?
wickedbabysitter: blum
wickedbabysitter: aark
wickedbabysitter: u dah pi cek?
omg_im_20: tak
omg_im_20: malas la
wickedbabysitter: takmo aaarh
wickedbabysitter: biar sampai masuk sem baru
wickedbabysitter: hehehe


It's not yet Raya but I have already set the date for my Open House.

I think Sam is pregnant. Her belly is growing bigger.

Can I rent a studio apartment.... because I feel like having my own place with my own style. Apparently there is nothing much I can do to my present house (chewah!) as most of my idea are being 'rejected'.

Oh haaah!

*menari tarian panggil hujan kerana otaknya dah senget.*

The technology is to blame... or is it me???

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