samedi, novembre 06, 2004


These remaining days of Ramadhan will fade away unnoticed... by me. I won't know that 1st Syawal will be somewhere on the next weekend, not until I made an effort to ask my sister about it. How time flies and at the same time, Jakarta is around the corner too. I need to gather all my holiday mood or the trip will be as dull as counting the jumping sheep. Two options: A) be very eager and enthusiastic about the whole thing or, B) go ho-hum for the rest of the trip.

The weekdays had been typical, very typical that is, with an odd sleeping hour. Spending a few hours reading at the cemetery-quiet living room under the yellow lights with the touch of faint sweet, smell from the burner perfected the mood. It's what I am into now. So, pardon me for not replying any Yahoo! messages for I would probably be downstairs watching late nights or flipping some pages. What I dig now is Sun Signs by Linda Goodman, a book of astrology. Having a great time reading and discovering about people around me. :D

Wish y'all a great weekend ahead.

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