samedi, octobre 02, 2004


A 'why' isn't merely a 'why' when an additional word follows it right after.

Why Kay?



These two forms of question no doubt contain the same Why. The only noticeable difference between the former and the latter is the presence of an object, which is, in this case; my name.

Why am I having so much interest in these three words? Mainly because 1) I am bored and stuck on chapter 6 of the report, with not the slightest idea of what to put, 2) I am sleepy and it's too late to consume any coffee so it all now depends on my 'strength' to keep my eyes open and 3) I'd like to share my feeling with you guys.

Well, the third one is more likely the reason I have this entry posted.

It's unexplainable. Somehow it feels really nice and I actually can't help myself from having this some sort of comfort.

Psychologically speaking, both figures will provide different impact to the reaction of the receiver. The distinction will be more evident when the expression of question involves speech. The 'intensity', together with the 'sincerity' of the question is questionable.

The basic 'Why' represents the level of participation of the other party regarding the subject that the sender is trying to convey, which is somewhere in the middle of 'Alright, just make it short and acceptable without me having to susahkan diri' and 'I'm all here and will try my best to help you'.

The 'Why <name>', shows that the receiver is willing to listen more of what you are going to say and the level of anticipation is higher than of the previous one. This also indicates that the receiver is more concerned with your situation and is prepared to participate.

Okay. I am done and I surrender! Maybe I should scribble ANYTHING sensible for the report and hopefully it will trigger my brain to work.


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