mardi, octobre 19, 2004

The 3.27 AM Entry

Had roti tisu just now. Still a so-so one. Cross the roti tisu from that mapley. Too much sugar and the dough tasted weird. Same goes to the one that is opposite Giant. Too little amount of sugar! And the fresh orange juice is cair as well! However, 5 stars to the first mapley for the juice. Sangat piau! Simply marvelous. The food too. 10 brownie points for the very nice ambience. Not claustrophobic with good lighting system. One more place to get the REAL, thick orange juice around my area is Jingga (pssst! The owner is the mother of the Hotlink girl.).

Passion fruit tea anyone?

(p/s: who says that I only mention coffee in my entries, Mr. Ezani? :P )

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