vendredi, août 06, 2004

Like I Care!... No, Let Me Change To I Don't Care

I am emotionally demented (yup). But instead of going on about it and waiting for comforting words from anyone, I'm going to divert my mind into something else.

Take note that Carrefour (junction/crossroad) is pronounced as 'kaRgh- foogh', not 'kair-for' or 'kaari-for' like most people do. I used to say the former but later, somebody corrected me. And since French is what I'm dealing with for this semester, I learnt to say it in a more proper way. Instead of enunciating it as 'kaa-foo' (still intelligible by the French), I would now emphasize the R (though not as perfect), which possesses the sound like when you're ejecting kahak. You know... the 'khaaak...ptui' thingy. That's how the R sounds to The Frogs.

We had this class presentation last Monday and a course mate had chosen that as the topic of discussion. During the QnA session, I gave my two cents regarding the store concept and the identity of the hypermarket itself...

"...since, Carrefour is originated in France, I can't see anything associated with the country in that hypermarket. It's being so much localized till people hardly know that it's actually 'owned' by the French (the EU actually). Not that I'm saying the people DO care for I know that's the least important matter, but at least the management can do something just to let the shoppers know, like setting up a small booth or section for French products though it's way impossible to transport the best cheese or wine over. Perhaps they can gather all the 'exotic' French products in one place like Le Carrefour de France. But then again, I guess, when it comes to business, letting the consumers know about it is the least important matter to them..."

Nuff said. The next one will be about Mr. Bonaparte. Should be an interesting one. Mine is of the French Revolution but not going to happen in the near future... Wish me luck people, as I need all the luck to wrap me now.

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