vendredi, juin 25, 2004

You Love Me, You Love Me Not! (Part 2)

Update on the registration woe: Miracle does happen. I finally got all the subjects I wanted; but Cyber Law still has to go. I'm contented still. To those girls: Well darlings, no more 'Kak Kay' (still want to 'Kakak' me though I insisted...please lah...). Kakak Kay? Kakak? *erk*

Call me a part-time bloghopper. Something that I hardly do. No, I don't get RM 3.50 per hour, let alone any freebies. 97% of the people in my bloglist now are either in their initial phase of hibernation or have decided to go for the one-post-per-fortnight approach.

Starting from my inboxes, which later led me to my Friendster account. Somebody sent me a message, asking me for a testimonial. There goes another testimonial request. Not to sound bad, but I view this type of 'hunter' as pathetic. Testimonials are given of willingness, not something that you beg or ask. I used to include a note "I don't give testimonials" in my profile to avoid such situation but I guess I've taken away that line the last time I edited it. A friend of mine (who is still chasing me to testify) once asked me about my reason behind such refusal. I only gave him "I don't.". He was perplexed with the answer and determined to ask again. Knowing that this subject would lead to only-God-knows-where, I finally concluded it by repeating the same answer but this time, I included a 'JUST'. I gave him a 'brb' excuse and continued with my other contacts. I was annoyed and that's the best thing to do. ;)

Do you guys love me?

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