samedi, mai 15, 2004

Breathe In...Breathe Out...

"What would you like to have Ms.? A moderator who is a Mr. Know-It-All or Mrs. Bloody Sarcastic?"

"You certainly don't leave me with much choice, do you? Let me have Mr. Know-It-All then."

That's the worst one should expect and I was all geared up for the unexpected.

It's the viva I'm talking about...

And this is what I'm going to feed you now...


Surprise surprise! I finally decided on the baju kurung for viva and not being a baju kurung fella myself, my 'emergence' did cause a surprise to a few mates. (ye, ye, akuk pakai baju kurung.....)

So, I did a few last minute preparation; went through all the notes and jot down some useful facts that might come in handy during the presentation. Was a bit nervous but it won't be helpful to me, will it? Unless my screwed up mind can get me an A, it would be a great pleasure for me to go all anxious.

Should I thank God for having a helpful supervisor? He helped us A LOT especially on convincing the moderator of what we're working on in our research. He gave me a hard time with all his 'curious' questions and hell it was quite an effort I put in order to defend my answers (though sometimes I wonder about the validity of it). At least I didn't go all blank...and boy, he doesn't seem to get the whole idea of the thing we're doing. Read this:


I don't want to sound as if I can't contain my anger when he kept on asking about the same thing, but he almost got me there. And I didn't make up stories when I told him about the expected results! He just didn't buy it! Blame the person who shoved the topic to us lah!

And what's with scaring our hell out about the thesis? And why don't I even feel the slightest fear about the whole stuff? Why do they make a big fuss about it? Why? And what about getting all worried about our capabilities of completing the tasks when you could give us at least some words of comfort instead of repeating the same "Saya takut kamu tak boleh buat je. Sebab tu saya tanya kamu dulu if kamu boleh buat ke tidak." Well, thanks a lot for that Dr. I would forget about the idea of taking this title if I knew it will get this complicated! But sorry to say as unfortunately, the complexity of the simulator itself CAN'T be detected in just a couple of weeks before the closing date of registration! And I've come this far. And again, do I have any option left? So at least, give us some encouragement during the whole process... And please Bad, don't wreck our already-wrecked mind...We know that you're good. Oh yeah, could you please at least keep your bloody mouth shut when I'm talking? Doesn't anyone teach you the etiquette when participating a presentation?

In the end, the viva session turned out to be HIS instead of mine. Like I said, being Mr.Know-It-All as moderator does have the benefit in a way... Just hope for the best... My report is due this Monday and I know I should be doing it but right now, all I need is a time out and to let the sleep fix my distorted mind.

The nightmare is just about to start.....

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